Live Forex, Oil, Silver and Gold Technical Analysis

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 Symbol  Time Description Direction Reversal Sum
Tr MA Ind Vlt Rev Osc Can Har
EURUSD18:05Sup/Res Penetrated5580 ¡
GBPUSD15:05Stochastic Overbought38 ¡¡
USDJPY18:05Stochastic Overbought5499  ¡
USDCHF21:05Reverse Expected5560  ¡¡
USDCAD21:04Bearish Reversal Pattern10099  ¡¡
AUDUSD18:04Reverse Expected4965  ¡¡
NZDUSD19:04Reverse Expected6284  ¡
GBPJPY15:04Bearish Reversal Pattern6198  ¡
EURJPY20:05MACD Bearish Turning Point6699  ¡
SILVER14:04Bullish Reversal Pattern69100  ¡
GOLD21:04MACD Bullish Turning Point67
OIL16:05Reverse Expected5985  ¡
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